Laura A Lord is one of the first female poets who captivated me with her raw strength.  She continues to tell stories that captivate my attention and she just came out with a new book that I hope you will take time to order and read!  She is beautifully creative and she will keep you on your toes!


My Teeth

I never looked poor.
I smiled poor.
You could see it in the way I chewed my food.
I have a careful mouth.

You could hear it in my words,
Tastes like chicken, I’d say.
The secret code of a woman who’s served muskrat
and called it roast beef.

My teeth are stained WIC milk white.

My skin is a UPC code,
Governmental leech.
I’m a two-for-one coupon
and half off is my best look.

I’m in the system now,
all number coded
and pixelated.

The first time I swiped…

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