Imparting Harmony – NaPoWriMo


Walking in the moonlight

With Glints of Moonlight upon the Wall,
A Cradle of Elegant Starlight, Glistens,
Watchful Heartbeats as they Fall,
Where Angels Pause as Faith Listens.

Tender in the Midnight Calm
Of Jocund Candleglow a-shimmer,
Softly, now, in Whispered Balm,
While doubt and fear grow dimmer.

The Pulsing of Celestial Wonder,
Stealing from Infinity so Far,
Beckons my Gaze like Joyous Thunder,
Or the Fleetly Falling Brittle Star.

Yet in Comparison of Day to Night,
Untold the Secrets Tending,
Luster fades as Day Breaks so Bright,
And Passion’s Ministrations, Bending.

Arch Your Gilded Wings, Oh Heaven,
Spread Your Wisdom like the Deepest Sea,
Food of Immortality, Sweetly Leaven,
Quietly Imparting Harmony.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: korolevatumana at deviantart

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