12 Car Pile Up of the Brain

Mocking Bird Down


There are moments, when I am doing nothing of any importance, or I am engaged in a conversation, or even when I am mad busy with work…   and I am forced to pause because a collection of thoughts and realizations hit me. The equivalent of a 12 car pile up on the fast lane on the freeway – except in my mind. Each one ramming into the next and shattering glass and mangling metal like was made of flimsy paper thing tin cans…

The dots connect in a way that render me mute and childlike in my ability to process it. Even now, to articulate it…   I don’t know that I can.

I went out for dinner with James tonight. A family pub type place. We sat in the smoking section tucked in a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle, and the ear bleeding voice of the hired…

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