Brooding Skies & Wrathful Waves!

The Chicago Files

Navy Pier 2, Chicago

I daresay the day I took this photo it was not difficult to figure out what type of mood Lake Michigan was experiencing! Take a look at that water!  Its surface had the same characteristics as boiling water (without the boil, thank goodness).

Ah the skies; you can see the John Hancock Building in the center with its antennae reaching for even greater heights than its already towering presence.  Do you recall the photo in a recent post which showed a path in Lincoln Park Zoo that seemed to ‘point’ straight to the John Hancock Building?  This angle of the John Hancock was taken from Navy Pier.  Can you see the birds in the sky that look like dots?  It was incredibly windy, and true to their nature, the birds were going with the air flow!

Despite the fact the skies seemed to correspond with the mood of Lake Michigan…

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