When the need to help becomes a challenge…

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It is hard when we are at a place of frustration or desperation. When life turns into a rollercoaster ride and you don’t know anymore if you are up or down. And even if you know it changes constantly. Somehow you back off but at the same time hope that someone sees it – feels it, because you don’t want to say anything – and is just there.

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Song of the Day

Song of the Day

Share Your Light

I just had this song in mind. I remember when I was in California 5 years ago. It was about a week after I released my very first book which made my self-esteem extremely grow. It was a beautiful morning in May, the sun was shining and it was warm. I remember my completely relaxed and happy mood. I was driving along PCH opened the roof top and the window and this song was coming up. I was cranking it like crazy and my heart was bouncing!

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the sacred road

i often wonder
how my world would look
if i had been spared that first ripple.

life is an amalgamation
of choice
and yet
we are meant to strive in cataclysmic chaos.

my existence
thrives in varying shades of grey
but without the acidic tinges
of bitter edges.

i have been forged
and fractured
in the flames of true despair –
but i am somehow able
to find gratitude
in the pooling of my salty tears.

i cannot fathom
the heart that would beat
without the painful scars
and the unhealed holes.

i am not sure
i would recognize myself
without this cloak
of pervasive sadness.

at the core,
i am irrevocably flawed
but in the most tortured part of me
i have found
that center which i hold onto
with much hope.

i am
but the affectation
of a tiny ripple
and despite
my brokenness
there is…

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