I am so glad I ran across my guest’s path in the blog-o-sphere. She has some very worthwhile and valuable information for us.  Please welcome, Robyn Storey.

pictureCYBERBULLYING: What it is, and how you can help your child.
By: Robyn Storey

Bullying is not how it used to be: going to school and having a bully take your lunch money and teasing in the hallways. While bullying at school is still present, another form is rising: cyberbullying. This is an especially dangerous form of bullying because kids can no longer feel safe at school or even in their own home.

chartCyberbullying involves the “use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person” (KidsHealth, 2015). It largely happens to young adults below the age of 18, because adults can be charged with harassment or stalking. Unfortunately, not a lot of action is usually taken when it happens among teenagers…

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