Friday Fantasy – Veryn Falls

Dark Fey, the Reviled A must read. check it out and never be disappointed.



The vale selected for Summerfest was on the boundary of the village, set against the backdrop of Veryn Falls, a waterfall that plummeted from the heights of the Ryvyn Mountains. Splashing from the heights hundreds of feet above, Veryn Falls’ crystalline waters were cushioned by a multitude of moss covered bastions and ivy-laden arches and fell into an emeraldine pool that stretched out its bountiful hand and flowed onward through the village, supplying water and life to all. The broad clearing around its precincts sparkled with hundreds of tiny lanterns strung through the surrounding forest canopy and was brightened by cheerful fires and glowing torches scattered throughout. Tables of food and fountains of drink were placed advantageously, musicians played the flute and the drum, lacewings flitted and darted, and the entire area was alive with palpable joy and anticipation.


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