Much like my anonymous guest yesterday, my guest today still has very strong feelings about the bullies from his youth.  Matthew Krause is very honest in this post and I think maybe he doesn’t realize the STRENGTH and POWER that he wields by choosing peace over violence.

You can find more from Matt at StorytellerMatt. Thank you Matthew for participating in this series.

BeFunky_photo-1413847394921-b259543f4872.jpg“SORRY, MAN.” by Matthew Krause

“Sorry, man.”

If my life was a sitcom, that would be my catchphrase. Those two words summarize me. Those two words define me. Not only do I say “Sorry, man,” in the face of threat or adversity, but after the fact, I walk away feeling like a new breed of superhero—Sorryman. It feels awful sometimes. I indeed feel like a sorry man.

I was at the gas station today. It was an Arco, where you have your pumps on individual islands…

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