Karma’s Arrival (or the best dish served cold is revenge)

Stories indeed 2015/03/11  updated 2016/01/27

I had just shared this “deja vu” moment earlier today with another friend. You might find my humore in it. Pretty sure of it.
After coming back from Vietnam, I decided to go visit Germany, unaware I was on their Detain listing for draft dodging. It was a legal mixup, but I was detained and forced to report to the nearest German military base for induction. Once I was there, I refused to speak anything other than English. I was assigned to the Officers’ club as a detail, dirty work, clearing tables, dish washing, and all kinds of menial jobs. I figured it’d only take a short time to straighten out my citizenship considering I’d already completed American military service in a war/conflict zone. Apparently there was no rush in the court system for a “draft dodger,” so it took over 6 months for me to be released.

Many years later with wife and kids in tow, I was reassigned as an American liaison for NATO on the same German Air Base. I checked in with the German Commander, but his First Sergeant wasn’t there, so I said I would come back later when he was available for introductions. My wife and I decided we would spend some time showing kids where Dad was “jailed.” much to their enjoyment and humore.

We went to the American bar with small café for Dinner. I went to pick up drinks for my wife and me and noticed an older German military guy giving me the eye. I ignored him and picked up our drinks and sat down. Kids wanted to play pool, so I went back and grabbed quarters.

After a few games, I noticed there were German military policemen talking to the bartender while looking my way. then the policemen walked towards me. They asked me to accompany them. I was to be arrested for impersonating an American military officer, a felony in Germany and on an American facility. I was “explaining” in my best German where they could GO with their charges, when the German and American Commanders walked in to greet my Clan and me.

The German First Sergeant was still the same old grumpy German that arrested me at the airport when I arrived in Germany many years before. Even funnier, he was being assigned as my aide de camp. ;<)) Payback was priceless. Apparently, he wasn’t quite so amused as he decided to retire before we finished our assignment. I presided over his retirement ceremony in my best German and English. As I presented the retirement present from the American delegation and shook his hand, I made sure he heard my last remarks “off mike.”

Can you just guess????????????????????           Auf Niedersehen, du Arschloch!

Karma, indeed.


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