6 thoughts on “Today is a good day to be fabulous

    • Will you settle for AWESOME while waiting, my dear Friend??????????? Awesomeness, like Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder and I be beholding it for you)))))))))))) Smile, close your eyes and repeat after me, George writes I am Awesome. I have to write it, after all, mutes can’t “say” anything. Bless you on this Moanday.

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      • Glad to hear that you’re doing good. Think I have to work on my “jumping to conclusions” exercise routine. It hasn’t help me lose any weight at all, nor helped in any good way. Some times my positive reading brain cells & nerves reverse themselves and I think more is wrong than is right. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to watch a lot less news programs, either.

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      • We all have our days good and some not so much. I think those days that are hard, allow us to really appreciate the good ones. And the weight, well I think we are all just gonna be who were going to be. Besides it would be a pretty boring world if everyone looked exactly alike. Be well my friend.

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      • Indeed, as long as we control our lives and take responsibility for our decisions or lack of decisions, hey, we know where we stand or fall. I can’t blame society for my ills, pains and moans, heck I’m blessed abundantly to be here. So what if I no longer go topless in public, no reason to scare people or invite stares and OMGs. Scars are part of life and I have enough for the whole family. I never thought about being handsome or ugly, I was raised to be the best I could be(before Botox and plastic surgery came around, I didn’t have much choice anyway). I’ve grown on myself and others, so why change or concern myself now?
        Boring, my life isn’t. Somedays, when it’s quiet, mostly when kiddies are napping, I go checking bedrooms to make sure all is well and they haven’t moved out in my sleep.))) I may be slower on some days, but never stopped. Quitting isn’t an option, I have canes, wheelchairs, lifts and even a winch if electricity goes out. I will be mobile, indeed.


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