Love Heals – lyrics


Life With Catnip

To the rhythm of you

Someday I will sing to you

Make you feel it

Tell you how much I care
All I know is love heals

The words will come easy

When I put them in a song

When you play the notes

I feel that I wanted to say

But you have already given me
Someday you will know
Somehow I will show

Sing I love you

In a song…

I wrote a song
About the colours of us

Words could express what theyre like

Its not enough

Just to say it

To show you how I really feel
All I know is that
The words come when you near

I feel that I should say whats in my heart
But you already know
Someday I will say how much I dream of you
The truth will be revealed
Ill tell you how I feel

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