GASP… How dare I show a woman’s nipple/breast on Facebook!

Shanpagne's World

So a couple of days ago I posted a story about a beautiful art project that was done by Jade Beall Titled “A Beautiful Body”.  It’s pictures of women who have had children and show’s their bodies in all their natural glory!  These pictures are beautiful and untouched and I posted the article because I completely stand behind what this artist is trying to do, and guess what Facebook did because I posted this?  THE BLOCKED FROM FACEBOOK FOR 24 HOURS BECAUSE OF THE NUDITY.  The pictures show women’s breast.. GASP.. how dare you display a woman’s breast or nipple in a public forum!

As someone who suffers greatly from Body Dysmorphic Disorder ( I am constantly comparing my body to every other woman I see and frankly, the images that the media puts out there makes this a set up for constant failure and hatred of myself…

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