Broken twigs liter my kingdom’s ground
Reminders of all the storms that came ‘round
I wonder if you remember the beginning
The days before we both started spinning

There was a point where we both woke up
Lighting matches to celebrate our break up
These are the things we lost in the flame
A broken heart for a friend is the one to blame

A whirl of emotions came in hurricane force
We screamed… We did… why yes of course
Pointing fingers we packed up and walked away
Leaving burnt souls, my soul, on hot coals to flay

Then you came back, we made up…again
A tilt-a-whirl ride, no tickets necessary to ride
But then you disappeared, no screaming
Just silence followed your invisible departing

Could you have not at least told me why?
Only a departure with no good-bye
Not even the energy to…

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