About Poetry… Dylan Thomas Quoted

Life With Catnip

” I am only a poet when I’m writing poetry.

The rest of the time I’m … well, Christ, look at me.”

– Dylan Thomas

We all struggle, carry doubt on our sleeve

But nothing makes me feel more like a poet

Than being caught up it in and writing it,

Getting back to writing or revising it,

It is serious work; it is my life pored out.

It’s why a poet expresses their heart on paper.

It’s why during the hardest times, the words come easier.

So I am a hopeful poet and writer, hardly an artist,

Though should I gain one abstract of identity entitled to me,

It would be a bestowed gift upon my creativity

That simplythis is mydaily work; where poetry becomes,

It is the process of writing and making art.

What I love about Thomas’ distinction, in part,is that


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