Roses and Thorns


Also known as romance and Dominance.

I’ve been thinking about this post since I decided to tackle the topic. I was pushed into completing it after several conversations with Dominants and submissions concerning said topic.

I asked them the same question, but in two different forms.

To the Dominants I asked: “Do you consider romance a weakness as a Dom?”

To the submissive I asked: “Do you require or need romance in a D/s relationship.

First off, let me thank those who let me bend their ear and gave me honest, heartfelt and well thought out answers to my question. I am much obliged for your candor.

From the Dominant perspective, here is some feedback I recieved. (Used with permission, of course.)

“It depends on the nature of the relationship. It could be anywhere from strict service to a loving relationship. If it were a strictly service type of relationship…

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