Weekly Pet Share – in the words of Ms. Garbo – “I vant to be alone.”

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minding her businessminding her own business…


mom is bustedMOM IS BUSTED!

(yes, those are her ‘tuggy’ socks on her couch)


mom......‘mommy……..’  (sneering)



Ok, say it.  Go ahead and say it.  Alright, if you do not, I will – I am a sucky Mommy.  I mean, what kind of mommy goes around taking photos of a poor innocent little girl while she is indisposed?

Yes, it is true.  I did it.  I did the deed, but I truly could not help myself.  She looked so darn cute and, well, I had to take a few.

Now, I am in the dog house – grounded…until further notice.

(or at least until it is time to go outside…)




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