Please welcome Brian Westbye today and let his beautiful short story speak to you.  A beautifully simple message about noticing those around you and then acting with compassion in response.  Thank you Brian so much for sharing this with us!

BeFunky_rULA sIBAI.jpgTHREE DOORS DOWN by Brian Westbye

She sits on a bench, near the fountain at the edge of the park, three floors below my window. Every morning, after the rush, she comes. She sits alone. She is alone.

Every morning I see the tears. Lost girl in a lost land. Strange stranger. She fits in nowhere, knows nobody, does nothing. She has nothing, nothing but her bench and her tears. Her world, three floors below my window, is nothing.

She cries on her bench every morning, lost in her lost world. She is a solitary figure, a steady reference point in the swirling whirl going past, the wave of humanity…

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