Guess Who……. Bus Rider!

The Chicago Files


The iconic, Winnipeg-based band, “The Guess Who” released a song in 1970 called, “Bus Rider” (from the, “Share the Land” album).

The first verse goes like this:

Get up in the morning, get on the bus
Get up in the morning like the rest of us
Places to go, important people to meet
Better not get up or you might lose your seat

A few years ago, shortly after getting on a streetcar in Toronto, didn’t I notice a rather interesting couple of bus riders!  I could not get, “Bus Rider” out of my head for at least a dozen or more streetcar stops!

This dear golden retriever sat (as any polite Canadian puppy would do) in his seat, probably contemplating where he buried his bonanza of bones in the yard.  I had to literally bite my tongue because I wanted to laugh out loud; not in any other way…

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