Maybe I’m Just Old, or Is The World Going Absolutely Crazy????????????

Fired Before Starting or How To Become A Social Media Sensation THE NEW 15 SECONDS OF FAME???????

Heck, I am OLD and if I survive until midnight, I’ll turn another year older(65). Yay. I look at the world with different eyes than I did as a 19 year old at Woodstock or during my first tour in Vietnam, way back when. But sometimes a “News” article comes across my sight line and I just wonder where in Hell this poor world is going to in such a hurry. Simple respect and maturity are on the “endangered virtues” list. I don’t condone the actions of either parties in this article, let me be upfront about that here. As a former business owner, yeah I’ve not mentioned that before bc until now it wasn’t relevant, I empathize with the business owner and the predicament his “new soon to be employee” put him in. He was embarrassed, felt insulted, and acted rashly against who he saw as an “absolutely ungrateful and immature” young woman using language that was not consistent with the image he wanted projected by his business or it’s employees.

Apparently she applied for a job that was beneath her “status” in life, and after getting the job FOR WHICH SHE APPLIED-OR DID SHE GET KIDNAPPED OFF THE STREETS AND WAS FORCED TO ACCEPT THIS JOB AS A CONDITION OF BEING RELEASED????????????????

Maybe I just don’t understand young people anymore. I may be OLD, but as long as I can find a step stool, I will slap the ever loving Stupid out of any of my Kids if they ever thought of posting such immature and disrespectful words on social media. And then I’d commence to change my Last Will and Testament to reflect my disappointment and disdain for their actions.

I understand anger and disappointment, but common sense, respect for yourself, and others shouldn’t be on any endangered list.

Just saying.  Sadly, her ex-Boss will become a Villain and she becomes a social media sensation. Where’s the justice or logic here???????????????????????????????????????? Yep, world turning upside down and inside out, going to hell in a hand basket, as my Grandparents would have said after leaving Nazi Germany to  live in a “Freer Land.”

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