An Act of Kindness

So true and so sad, too. TY for sharing. I missed this along the way somehow, glad I found it..

Miss Moneypenny Naked

I received this email from a friend this morning. It touched me beyond words. I had to share it.
I visit a mentally challenged man every morning when I get coffee. His name is Louie. Yesterday Louie was beside himself.
He can’t speak, he just mumbles. He was shaking his fists and making throat slashing signs. I couldn’t figure out why.
Then I found out that the state workers across the street had stolen his hat while they were teasing him.
Today I brought him a new hat. He started cheering and shaking my hand. I have never seen anyone as happy as Louie just now.
It made me feel good. How can a mentally handicapped man renew my faith in life?
Such a simple gesture meant so much.
I think in the grand scheme of things Louie may have helped me more than I could ever help him.

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