A friend on Tumblr posted this, Condom Advertising Done Right

I fully agree

Delicious Di’s Condom Advertising Done Right

I replied and reblogged it along with these comments below:

Indeed, indeed. I prevented unwanted pregnancies in our Clan with a small talk on every one of my Kids’ 13th Birthday.

“I know today you’re a teenage and think you know EVERYTHING about sex and this whole world. First, the choice of when to have sex and with whom is yours and yours alone. Choose wisely. Protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, STDs and other surprises. If you don’t know how, just ask. I am not going to waste our time threatening you with the Hellfire and Brimstone speech about having unmarried sexual relations. Now, I will tell you like I told all your Brothers and Sister before and will tell your younger siblings later in life: Your Mom and I have prepared ourselves to move in with the first one of you Chuckleheads that get pregnant before you are finished with college or get some young woman pregnant before that time. If you refuse or rebel against that plan, I will remove you  immediately and permanently from our financial support with one exception, you will still be listed in our wills to receive $1.00 at our deaths. Any questions?”

People have disagreed with me on this, but you know, it doesn’t really matter what others think, my children agreed with me. I feel that 6 years from now, that same, or a bit modified, speech will be given to my oldest Granddaughter by her Father. We’ll see how that works on the next generation.   Before anyone goes ballistic, I still pay for the original cell phone plans which include my children to this day. AT&T hasn’t made us change anything on our original plans except add more lines&minutes&now DATA as we’ve grown.)))))

Promises work better than threats that are not followed through on with children, that I did learn. If you’re not going to follow through, save your breath and time and your children. Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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