What rhymes with orange?


I´ve been thinking…..first  just the word sounds ugly as well as the colour. I have never seen a house painted orange. Well I just went to google and saw this images. Where in the world is this house at? Probably near the North Pole would be my guess. As far away from civilization as possible, for the simple fact that one people will be blinded every time they saw it and second, it´s just ugly as hell as well as health issues for human being.

And what rhymes with orange, can you create a poem around the word orange….

I ate an orange
that was in my storage
that I grabbed from the hills of blorenge
in Whales, which in the plants was the sporange

Actually only two words Blorenge and Sporange actually rhyme with orange. And sporange doesn´t even appear in the Merrian Webster dictionary and that his the holy…

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