Check out Souldier Girl

She is vastly underfollowed in my humble opinion. Hidden in the hills and forests of wordpress, or is that somewhere out on the plains of Texas?

Either way, Let’s fix that.

TODAY, if you don’t mind.

Thank you


5 thoughts on “Check out Souldier Girl

    • Indeed, some could benefit from putting the feelings to paper or just down somewhere. Holding stuff in just eats one alive and slowly the soul can’t survive as it was meant to do. I’ve learned over my many years, celebrating one’s life in the here and now beats regrets and guilt any day.


      • It sure does, for me I prefer to put tragic past experiences in the back burner or I even sometimes write about it in an ironic kind of way (which that one is weird) but it´s a way for me just to move on I guess ,probably not the most common way, but it is how it works for me.

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