Souldier Girl



into freedom

I know you want me

Coming in your kingdom

Stretch that lace

Round my neck

Crack that whip

My nails down your…

Hypnotic pulses


A lovers connection

But I am not bound

To my knees

To adorn you

My hands are not tied

skin to skin

To absorb your sin

My mouth is not gagged

Screaming for permission to speak

My words run wild

And I follow their lead

Right out the door


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8 thoughts on “Ascent

    • You are most welcome. I truly hope you aren’t trying to hide, if so, I may have just blown your cover))))))))))) On the other hand, if anyone shows up with less than good intentions or good manners, let me know. I don’t tolerate disrespect or bad manners, it’s a Senior former Marine thing. Welcome to this little corner of WordPress.)))))
      Feel at home, ask anything, my surviving brain cells will try their best to answer))))))))))))))))))))

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      • Yeehaw!!!! I will then! 🙂 i also started another blog about my journey of grieving my brother and my daughter.
        – feels good to express even tho it doesnt always want to come out.
        Thank you, thank you, thank you good sir.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Grief that doesn’t come out on it’s own comes out anyway in not quite as positive or helpful avenues. I’ve been on both sides of that fight. Outlived two of my best friends with whom I was blessed to marry and 3 of our children along the way. I am here because of my 7 Kids(4 bios, 3 adopted) and 8 Grands AND my Twin 2 1/2 yr old Nieces&Nephew for whom I share guardianship (their Father passed right after they were born)
        Good days, less good days and the occasional, I need lots of space days. I never thought I’d write about it or that it would help, but Kids convinced me otherwise, kicking and screaming as they introduced me to social media. Now they can’t drag me away. Therapy turned into many friendships and ever so much love and compassion. You are always welcome. I have tumblr and twitter accounts, ADDHD, indeed.


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