Before The Rush

Siren Whispers


She cannot remember a time

Before the rush

Of him

Before he invaded her thoughts


Before her body became a temple

For him to worship at

She cannot remember a time

Before the wanting of him

Before her awareness began

Before her body reacted

To a single word

From him

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Light and Dark

Siren Whispers


Dark angel

White angel

He is her protector

She is his guiding light

Each providing to the other

What they need the most

Their feathers touching 

As though they are embracing 

Each other

They’ve become one

A yin and a yang

Two sides of a coin

A soul’s twin

Print taken from Pinterest

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Christmas Parade thru Ezra’s eyes

Tell Me About It

You guys have all scene Christmas Parades so I won’t bore you with the 100 photos I tried to take. For me it was all about Ezra, we stayed till the end. A lot of people left because it was so cold but Ezra wanted to see it all and I wanted to watch him having so much fun!

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Surprise Fascinating Bookstore

Tell Me About It


Ezra & I decided to explore the small town where I’ve lived for 7 years
Ezra asked me what I thought was up those stairs, pressing his face against the window he said Aunt Micki I think it’s a bookstore let’s investigate. I cannot believe what we saw.
Check out these old stairs.

Upstairs was this old bookstore with 15 rooms full of books, over 30,000. Old books, new books, any book you could think of was in this wonderful old bookstore. We wandered from room to room, the floors creaked and made old wood floor noises. The owner said it was built in 1907. Everything was original! It was fascinating.


These are some of the books in the rooms!

Ezra got a train book~surprise. I found this wonderful treasure.
One of my favorite books that started my love for reading.


What I loved about this book was it was…

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Best of Alfageeek: Slammers with Bill Gates


Back when I was younger and could actually stay up late at night, I remember there was a thing they did on David Letterman’s Late Show (still on NBC, after Carson) called “Brush with Greatness.” Dave would go into the audience and people would tell lame stories about meeting someone famous. This is my brush with greatness story: Slammers with Bill Gates.

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