I’m back just not full time nor full speed, yet ((((((((


After a clash with NewMonya, (which was totally unfai// after all shouldn’t it fight fair and send OldMonya to affect old people) I am home again. No one likes hospital stays and I am the worse, ever since Vietnam.

(For those that didn’t know already, YES I AM OLD, only 5 years younger than the Original Mr Air Piano, Joe Cocker, RIP. When I still had a voice, my oldest younger Sister and I would karaoke his version of “UnChain My Heart”. Funny now that she does it as a solo, the crowds at the Veterans’ home don’t tear up as much as when I “helped” her, hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder.)

Near any holiday is bad enough, but Christmas time, that’s where I draw the line, yep. Not enough cuffs, even if the Nurses are cute, to hold this old Marine away from family at Christmas, especially my gorgeous little opal Nieces and my Grandchildren. Last year I had them all home in PA together. This year I am blessed to have all my 8 Grands even if I don’t get to see all my 7 Kids and their spouses/partners.

I want to see big BearHugs and warm thoughts to all of you out there in WordPressville.

I am behind the power curve on Christmas prep

and still recovering from my stay.

Yes, I lied (a little one or three) so I could come home, hospitals are for sick and dying people. Haven’t liked laying around inside one since Vietnam, old fears die hard.

I decided I could wear a mask and gloves at home as well as there, I never caught a staph infection here at home around family. I’m powered by Sunshine, love, laughter, sounds of little feet, giggles, butterfly kisses, hugs, little singing voices(even if they don’t know the real lyrics-whatever sounds they make is just fine), little voices praying before they go to bed and nighttime hugs and kisses before they sleep. Sue me, I’m spoiled.

At the same time, I know when they are with me, they are safe and I am at peace knowing they are so near, so no matter the world throws at us, again and again, we will stand strong together and survive. We’re becoming experts at tragedy and even more at unconditional love and compassion. We have been blessed ever so abundantly, way more than any tragedies thrown at us, and we have been graced from our Creator more than we could ever deserve or earn by our paltry list of “good deeds.”

During this upcoming Christmas Day and end of year time, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of love and happiness. The reason for the season is to show and share LOVE, the gift that never goes out of style and that everybody never has enough of no matter what they profess. The Parker Clan wishes all of you the very best, and all the love and happiness you can hold onto.


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Be Blessed, not Stressed


George and the Parker Clan


P.S.  I kept a couple of those cute little gowns and a pair of pink cuffs left behind by a cute young Nurse. I figured there must be a reward for returning them, after all, that’s what’s engraved on the inside, “4AGOODTIME-(424)663-8463. That sounds like a call to be made on the day AFTER Christmas???????????????????????????????


RIP Udo Juergens and Joe Cocker, your voices and presences will be missed so sorely. May God welcome and bless you both.

        Joe Cocker        Unchain My Heart


     Udo Juergens    Immer wieder geht die Sonne auf                     The Sun Always Rises Again

18 thoughts on “I’m back just not full time nor full speed, yet ((((((((

  1. George, I am SO sorry you have been ill. I have missed you and wondered if what you had was allergies or a staph infection. I hope you get well really fast …. and I know all about how it now takes more time to recover. Sending you so Much Love and Pink Healing Light …. Love, Amy

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    • Started as allergies and ballooned from there. Old age doesn’t help at all when your immune system gets overwhelmed. Feel loads better at home, but taking it easy until I’m ready to dive back in fully. May take longer than I desire, but hey, beats the alternatives. Thanks so much for your warm thoughts and wishes.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours. Be Blessed.


      • Merry Christmas, my dear friend George, and to all those who you Love. May Health be at the top of the list of what you get from Santa this year. Please do take it easy. Your friends are not going anywhere, at least I am not. Peace, friend!!! Hubby today for the first time ever remembered a “nice” memory from Nam, something he did, a selfless act of Love, so that someone he did not even know could go see Bob Hope while he stayed behind to fill his post. Tears stung my eyes as he told me. His Heart is healing, George. And I really believe it has a lot ot do with his new camera. (smile) Love, Amy

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      • Happy New Year to you and Hubby. Health will be top priority this year. Hard to enjoy Family and Friends if health is shot, indeed. I am glad Hubby remembered something nice from Nam time. So many have no positive memories from that place or time spent there. Surviving and coming home in one piece was the most important “nice” memory of mine. I had too much to do when I left that place, resume raising my Siblings, to worry too long and spend too much time thinking back. I was able for many many years to put all that out of my mind. When I switched branches, I just didn’t talk about that time and avoided conversations about it as much as possible. Only years later, as children got older and they saw pics from Grandparents, did we have real conversations about that time. I felt blessed to have most of my mind, body and sanity and sometimes guilty to have survived without major body or mental damage. Years after Nam, I learned how to make myself quit dreaming or quit remembering what I would dream. Later the doctors realized I had created my own version of sleep apnea, kept from going into REM deep sleep, now can’t reverse it, but I’m just happy to be without flashbacks or nightmares.
        Hope you’re right about the camera helping Hubby. That would be wonderful.
        Best wishes for a wonderful New Year, my dear Friend.

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      • Best wishes to you this New Year, George, and may health truly be yours to embrace!!! Slow but sure progress with hubby and camera. I’m trying to get him to come outside with me on shoots. He is getting some amazing black and white portraits of some of our cats, which I hope to show on Petals soon. Little by little, progress is being made. It is SO good to have you back in WP! (((HUGS))) Amy

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      • Everything takes time, he’ll get comfy slowly but surely I feel. Patience isn’t always easy, but some things in life and some people, we just can’t push, it has to be natural and comfortable. I pray for both of you. Journeys, one step at a time, indeed. Big hugs for you, too, dear Amy.

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      • When I first became a mute, I was in PA, Cops so foreign to me. I made up flash cards with standard info and explanations of my loss of voice. I made one like this, hard to be serious all the time for me.
        To Whom It May Concern: I am not ignoring you or being disrespectful. I am just following a long standing family tradition. I am a member of the #IAMAMUTE tribe. Thank you for your understanding.

        My kids used to call me PP (((PeterPan)))

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      • Best way I know how to deal with adversity and challenges in life. Never take myself or life too seriously. I think my mentor, PeterPan, said that to me once in a vision. glad to lighten up your day a bit)))
        Pennsylvania state troopers will never be the same after I left my Daughter’s house.

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      • I had just shared this “deja vu” moment earlier today with another friend. You might find my humore in it. Pretty sure of it.
        After coming back from Vietnam, I decided to go visit Germany, unaware I was on their Detain listing for draft dodging. It was a legal mixup, but I was detained and forced to report to the nearest German military base for induction. Once I was there, I refused to speak anything other than English. I was assigned to the Officers’ club as a detail, dirty work, clearing tables, dish washing, all menial jobs, but hey, I figured it’d only take a short time to straighten out my citizenship and already completed NATO military service. Apparently there was no rush in the court system for a draft dodger, so it took over 6 months for me to be released.
        9 years later I was reassigned as an American liaison for NATO on the same German Air Base. I checked in with the German Commander, but his First Sergeant wasn’t there, so I said I would come back later when he was available for introductions. My family and I decided we would spend some time showing kids where Dad was “jailed.” much to their enjoyment and humore.
        We went to the American bar with small café for Dinner. I went to pick up drinks for the wife and I and suddenly this older German military guy starts giving me the eye. I ignored him and picked up our drinks and sat down. Kids wanted to play pool, so I went back and grabbed quarters. After our first games, I noticed there were German military policemen talking to the bartender and looking my way. then the policemen walked towards me. They asked me to accompany them, I was to be arrested for impersonating an American military officer, a felony in Germany and on an American facility. I was explaining in my best German where they could go with their charges, when the German and American Commanders walked in to meet me and my Family. The German First Sergeant was still the same old German that arrested me at the airport when I arrived in Germany many years before. Even funnier, he was being assigned as my aide de camp.))))))))))) payback was priceless. He retired before I finished my assignment. Karma, indeed.

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      • Oh, George, this is priceless!!! I am laughing SO hard!! Karma … oh yeah … what goes around comes around as I have seen a’plenty. Thank you SO much for this story …. you really made my day! Some in my biological family are being ruthless right now regarding our Dad’s death, and I just step back knowing, one day shall come … one day … and that “wrong” shall be righted. I am going down to see family who I haven’t see in years, plus some I have yet to meet. There are a few of us in agreement, IF some begin to bicker or get nasty, they WILL get the mighty boot out the door. Some of us are just so fed up, ENOUGH, of this family baloney, and IF it starts either at the service or the family gathering. Mamma LadyPinkRose and Others,will be the official bouncers. I thought you would get a kick out of that, picturing me standing up to one of my brothers who is 6’4″ and I stand 5’6″. Hehehehehehe I can be tough as nails when I have to. It’s called tough LOVE. I will not have my Dad disrespected in any way. The “jerks” are showing themselves already, and the service is not until next week. Let them. This bouncer is more then ready to deploy some Martial Arts moves she knows. Tee hee (((HUGS))) Amy

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      • I am glad it brought you a smile, hopefully no choking. Families may be blood, but in German we have two words, blood and stupid, spelled very similar. (Blut and Blöd)
        Sometimes our blood relatives are the hardest to deal with during tragedies and hard times. I had experience with that after my Dad died at 41, I was oldest, only boy, had to make hard decisions for siblings, 5 and #6 was on way(2 from Mom, the 3+1 with Stepmother, only 8 years older than me) Created family split, bc Dad left me in charge of everything. Two natural Sisters went to live with Mom, we didn’t talk except through lawyers for 10+ years(((( Now Mom&StepMom gone, we’re all one big happy dysfunctional but loving band of Siblings.
        Remember, go first for instep, then ankles, knees and uppercuts when they bend over to grab knees or ankles. Always worked to me, I’m only 5′ 5″ on tiptoes. Played football as Senior in HS, 98 pounds. Farm muscled and watermelon thief extraordinaire(except one time I got hit with Rock Salt pellets from 12 gauge shotgun—-dang barbed wire fencing((((((((((( another story


      • glad you liked it. I’ve had a jaded past, some just unlucky, wrong place wrong time and others
        ALL MY OWN FAULT, as Jimmy Buffett sings so eloquently. I’ve met him a few times as he toured in the South. I twit with another dear favorite, Charlie Daniels. One major reason I live in TN, he helped me find a place near the Jack Daniels distillery, long story, but my Clan and I spend hours on his tour bus with his band while they visited Germany entertaining the troops. Wonderful people, indeed we were blessed.


      • I am so glad to hear about Hubby remembering something nice or positive about that time. For many many years, I blocked everything out about that time, my tours of duty didn’t leave much that was “memorable” like that of so many others. After I changed branches, I didn’t bring up prior military time for YEARS, until kids started to grow up and found out through other family members. It worked well, I refused to dream so hard I developed sleep apnea, therapist said that wasn’t healthy, but I disagreed until I got much older. Sadly, can’t turn sleep apnea off or dreams back on. I don’t think it was a bad swap all in all, now that I look back on it. Hope the camera helps loads. I’ve finally adjusted enough to be able to watch war movies from that time, only took 40+ years.

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