A Little Pain

Buttercup's Bullshit


I whisper the words into thin air

the quiet plea

for you to just see me

to no avail

now I know your secret

you weren’t looking

because you had already found

what you were seeking

your “true love”

I wish I knew

my “I love you”

never mattered

because your heart

was already taken

I am such a fool

trying to forget you

when I was so easy to forget

I thought the truth

would set me free

but I feel more caged

than I’ve ever felt

you call me friend

I am not your friend

this dance between two souls

is complete

you’ve tilted my world

on its axis

and the worst part

is you have no idea

would you even notice if I wasn’t here

I don’t want this life anymore

darkness follows me

everywhere I go

taunting and haunting

when all I want to do


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