Throwback Thursday: Make Way!


On ‘Throwback Thursdays’ I want to share some older Poems and post of mine. I hope you will enjoy!

I wrote this poem quite some time ago, just for fun.

Maybe it will bring a smile on your face. 😉

make way

Make Way!

If you don’t know how to drive, make way!

Don’t linger, just stay on the right

I don’t have all freaking day

To wait for you to decide!

And if you’ve got other things to do

Please, don’t do them in your car

Get off the road if you don’t have a clue

No, I don’t care that you drive a Jaguar!

If you too scared to take that corner

Don’t brake like crazy!

And don’t you tail me either…

You will just make me angry!

I know it’s not fun to get beat by an Aygo

But just be nice and let me…

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