Me and Five


I’m admittedly not very adept when it comes to technology. I get easily confused and therefore easily frustrated. I’m aware it’s not everyone’s thing and more than aware that it’s definitely not mine.

I was in a meeting at work and one of the people that consider technology their forte started talking to me in a language I can’t speak. Geekenese or something like that. So, before he buried my brain beneath logorithms, code and formulas I decided to politely interrupt him.

“Talk to me like I am five.” I told him.

Now, it may sound like I just asked him to talk to me like a child. In a way, it may seem like I did. But, what I really asked him was don’t assume I know what you are talking about or what you mean.

I asked him in my own way to approach it simply, more concisely…

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