Friday Fantasy – Mythical Rhyme


Mystical Rhyme

Dark in Time and Mythical Rhyme,

Spinning in my Memory,

Calling in Sweet Softened Whispers,

Singing like Pure Litany.

Vast the chasm between our Souls,

Yet Closer than a Gentle Kiss,

‘Tis You, my Mirror, I Ever Long for,

Your Heart I ever Miss.

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Ode to a Laughmaker

Americana Injustica

I was strolling through darkness;
A place high in the woods;
I was feeling lonely,
No bone in my body felt good.

I was thinking of resigning;
Had the towel ready to throw in,
That was when I came across a wolf;
Surrounded by female wolves that adored him.

Each one of them was beautiful;
And worked hard to keep his stare,
But his eyes were burning holes through me;
As he howled and sniffed the air.

I wasn’t sure if I should try to outrun him,
There were no words I thought to say;
That was when the wolf ran up to my feet,
With a face that simply wanted to play.

I let my guard down and got down on the ground,
I let the wolf tickle me and wrestle me around;
And the forest was filled with the happiest sound:
Laughter encompassed, and the sunshine poured down.

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