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Today 11/11/14,  Jixi Fox has finally released his free-verse improv project “4th Quarter Domination No Overtime“.  It’s an exciting feeling to release this project into the world and I am happy to create the fun visual music videos that will follow.  PLEASE support the project and take a listen.  It’s only 30 minutes, 10 tracks, and kick ass catchy hooks, metaphors, poetry, melodies and more.

You can DOWNLOAD for FREE at http://jixifox.bandcamp.com  and if you only care to hear the BEST of project,

you can LISTEN for FREE at http://soundcloud.com/jixifox  I really hope you can support and give me some feedback what you think.

4th Quarter Domination - No Overtime Cover

Jixi Fox

4th Quarter Domination: No Overtime

The game is on the line,
We tied for first place,
I need to do something fast,
For you to get out of my face,
I planned my pace,
Made my escape,
Two became 10,

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