My kind of Halloween!


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Halloween is an example of “different strokes for different folks”! Firstly, a huge chunk of “folks” around the world know next to nothing about the Festival. My Russian friend, Sergey M., is one of such; as far as he is concerned, “Halloween is an American celebration, we don’t observe it in my country”,
Interestingly, among the “folks” who celebrate Halloween the strokes are still different! To some Christian communities it is the feast of All Hallows’ Day; the beginning of the time (Allhallowtide) dedicated to remembering the dead particularly, the saints, martyrs and departed faithful. On the pagan divide, Halloween is the witches New Year, the week of Samhain; a special time in the year when the living and the dead can easily reach out to each other and a time for change and rebirth! October 31 is therefore the ideal time…

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Book review: The Séance by Tricia Drammeh

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Looking for likely books to plug for Halloween I immediately thought of this one and realized I have never posted a review here. My youngest is reading it today. Haven’t heard a peep out of her for a while.

This is a book that is hard to put down for an adult. For teenagers it must be riveting.
Abby is an ‘original,’ and her best friend, if not the prettiest girl in the class, is up there with them. There are class bullies, and there is the gorgeous hunk floating just out of reach, the object of desire. But this is not the standard high school drama. Abby manages her problems—absent, uninterested parents, and loneliness—in an out of the ordinary way—by indulging her interest in the paranormal.
The séance goes horribly wrong and the unwelcome presence Abby summons grows from irritating to seriously, worryingly dangerous. Tricia Drammeh builds up…

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