I think marriage is sometimes like being in a horror film.  Communication stops and it feels as if you are a ghost trapped inside the confines of a broken down house.

The best part about a horror film though, is the ending… if you aren’t afraid to sit through it all.

It can end in tragedy or in triumph depending on how strong or lucky the characters are!


Written by The Husband and HastyWords

March 2013

But say nothing I will

Confrontation, confusion, misconception

Jealousy and sadness abound

Silence reveals nothing

Hides All


Betrayal sits hunched

Conflicts, mistakes, delusions

Distrust and bitterness surround

Road ahead is merging

Communication lines are down


Symbiosis in our hands

Synergy in our grasp

Junkies for the experiment

Adventure in our veins

Silence leads nowhere


Cooperation is the goal

Destination put on hold

Waiting for the call

For your…

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