I Am My Own Dirty Secret


You probably pass by me on the streets and have no idea who I am, what I am capable of or what I’ve done.

That’s good. You aren’t supposed to. You are the random public. Strangers passing through my life. But you aren’t alone in your ignorance. The people closest to me have no idea what I am either.

I am my own dirty secret. An enigma. A unicorn amongst women if you ask most men.

I write about sex because I like sex. I like to have it. I like to talk about it. I like to have it. (Listed twice on purpose.)

I also like hockey,

I curse like a sailor.

I can cook just about anything and prefer that to dining out.

I like comic book movies and weird science shit. I am the queen of useless trivia and I have a pretty expansive vocabulary.

I published…

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