the sacred road

mirrorone final kiss
lays illuminated upon the horizon
as the ember of shadows
awaken to the beckoning
of the rising moon.
this night –
under its magnetic reign
forgotten echoes
once more crackle
in the vibrating thinness
of what is
and was.
the linearity of time
awaits in jagged appendages
and well meaning
but cruel hearts …
it is but this one night
this one moment
the tentacles of yesterdays are able to intercede
with the toxicity of their touch.
the world shivers
as the weakening veil cracks,
releasing the ominous acidity
of what
silence permeates the horizon
the very air
carries the tortured screams
of the living –
hallowed ground
granting neither shelter
or peace.
none are forsaken
under the crippling horror
of the world’s painful and infinite past.
rivers of red
coat the ground
claiming those who thought
they’d outsmarted their fate.

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