Who is Jessica?

Well, all I really know is…

JESSICAWritten by Jessica B. Bell and Hastywords

“It’s the house on the left,” I told her with fright
“The one with the gate that looks like broken teeth
And smells like old meat that’s been left overnight
and something unthinkably fouler beneath.”

Standing on the dark porch I got a case of the shakes
there was something unnerving about the old house.
There were noises within like the sound a cat makes
When it’s tearing apart some unfortunate mouse

But Jessica wouldn’t be fazed or deterred
She wanted the secrets that strange house could hide
So she opened the door without even a word
And together we carefully tiptoed inside

Happy severed heads bobbed like fresh apples
Candied in sickly sweet cinnamon dread
Smiles frozen and unaware of the horrific grapples
That snagged them when the clock…

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