Throwback Thursday: a little poem, half English, half Dutch!


On ‘Throwback Thursdays’ I want to share some older Poems and post of mine. I hope you will enjoy!

This next poem is one I wrote a while ago. It’s a little poem, half English, half Dutch. Because the words rhyme so lovely! 🙂

(To read the translation of the dutch part, scroll to the bottom of the post!)

let me know alsjeblieft

Translation of the dutch parts:

Misschien denk ik ook wel eens aan jou.

Maybe I also think of you sometimes.

Het zou fijn zijn als ik dat weet.

It would be nice if I knew that.

Wie weet droom ik ook wel over jou, misschien…

Who knows, I could dream about you too, maybe…

Ik zal goed luisteren, dan hoor ik het.

I will listen carefully, then I can hear it.

Als je het maar laat weten, het maakt niet uit hoe…

Just let me know, it doesn’t matter how…


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