Titled by Cyan Ryan playing on the name Ruth which means friend.  Please show Cyan some blog love, he took a break but looks as if he needs a bit of sunshine and support.

Vivid Trees by Hastywords Vivid Trees by Hastywords

Written by Cyan Ryan and HastyWords

I was mourning tearfully the prior evening’s dreams
Where noisy birds had ripped the cosmos to smithereens
I had watched it happen in a silent and unmoving reverie
Where I wept quietly as summer held me inside its heat
Underneath a dying knotted willow tree.

It was the day before I was to turn twenty after sleeping
When along came a twisted up and misty wind, speaking
Trying to wake me from my common cloudy-cuckoo land
Filled with the same old cul-de-sac half-assed-plans
That I left hiding somewhere outside eyes sewn shut

Knowledge kept knocking at my conscious, incessantly
A sure inevitably of what waking meant…

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Silence Bending


Silence Bending

Harken, then, to the Unspoken Call

Whispering from Shadow and Shade,

Folds of Silence Bending from Russet Fall,

Twilight Glimmering Crimson, from which it’s made.

While Worries Sleep
And Memories Keep,

Magic Weaves Wonder ‘midst the Sparkling Glade.

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