Passion fruit or Heaven’s nectar

Golden glazed, baked by Sun’s rays

Sweat dripping off a well molded

Lithe body of an ocean surfer &

Beach combing dancing Ballerina

Born in Northern Wilderness

An airy Wisp where his mind

Yearned to be once

Musefor Muse

Feels now so long ago

Far away, sadly he hesitated

Fearful he might only disappoint

She, one ever so young

In error he did think

Now fantasizing more often of her

No longer fearing her youthfulness

A hunger she has re-awoken

Deep inside his body and mind

Knowing full well her soul

Not only a mouthful of honey

Or invaluable precious water

Discovered in the barren desert

Rare sublingual, melting inside

Meeting all his needs and wants

She tastes like Life

Feels like Heaven

A Spirit without limits

Or boundaries, reaching Infinity

Absorbed in unconditional Love

She into Him, Forevermore.

5 thoughts on “Muse

    • Why thank you so much, glad you liked it. Unconditional love is so soon forgotten from our childhood as we grow. I’ve always tried to teach and extend that to my Clan way past childhood.))) Worth all the time and effort, too. Indeed.

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