Under My Skin, Part Two Collaboration with Angel LaFlare

Under My Skin, Part Two




This is the second part of our collaboration. Thank you in advance for reading my first attempt in many, many years. Many thanks to Angel LaFlare for her nudging, guidance and undying support in finishing this. Two parts down, one to go. Coming soon.  PleaseandFulfill is an off shoot Tumblr account where I follow many talented writers, poets, and diverse artists of many talents.

Check it out and see if you find something that interests you. I’m pretty confident you will find a lot to enjoy and share.




THANK YOU. I welcome your opinions, suggestions, ideas, and most of all your patience as I start over.



Chapter Two: Under My Skin (Part Two)


By the time Tuesday rolls around, I’m already anticipating my two o’ clock class. I’m really not snappy at all, nor do I care about students being late. There’s just something about that older guy- whose name I still don’t know- that gets to me.

“Good afternoon, Professor Jamieson.”

Shoot me now.

His voice sends shockwaves coursing through my body. I look up at him, seeing his smile, and I nervously shift my feet from left to right.

I’m in a world of trouble, and it’s only the second day of the semester.



Ok, you old Jarhead, it’s time to pay the piper as you come home from your run.

Music just didn’t cut it today.

I can’t get or keep her out of my mind. I need something else to concentrate on. Oh no, what if while I was daydreaming about her body, face, eyes, hair, shoes and that fiery attitude yesterday in class, she actually gave an assignment?  Think, dammit, think. Imagine the board, close in, what was the last thing you saw as you walked up to apologize and explain your tardiness?

Thinking about how she sat there looking down as I walked up,-

Just forget it.

The only thing I see is her face, those ice-melting lips and those hypnotic, brown eyes, Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn.

——————————————— Wednesday Afternoon (Next Class Block)———————————————-

I’m early with time to spare. Maybe I can explain Monday’s incident.

No, she didn’t want to hear it then, and I will not beg her to listen today. She may still be mad, so I better just to keep it light, professional, polite and remember the KISS method.

No not that one, the one I’m referring to is: Keep It Simple Stupid.

I even wore a polo shirt with a collar and buttons for class today- neon blue. That ought to get her attention… or get me tossed for being 12 again. I was trying to flirt with that 14 year old cheerleader in junior high.

How embarrassingly naïve and silly was that?

I slide in with a kid that has some type of ear growth.  Wonder if he’s had that thing looked at lately.  Maybe I’ll ask later if he needs me to take a look. Heck, I’ve got a decade of battlefield medical experience, just no degree.

As I walk up and greet her with my best, most respectable “Good afternoon, Professor”,   she turns and looks directly in my eyes and for just a millisecond, I could’ve sworn she was unsteady. Maybe I’m not that old after all is said and done.

She probably was just in shock that I was on time and not wearing some old Beatles T-shirt again. Note to self, buy bluer shirts, I think she likes blue. This whole college idea may have been the best one I’ve had yet.

Unlike yesterday, today’s class is flying away from me, soon it’ll end, and I’ll have no excuse to sit here like a knot on a log and stare at this beautiful, intelligent woman any longer.

Damn, she does know her writing stuff, and her voice when she’s not angry, is wow. It’s a bit deep, strong, sultry, did I forget hypnotic?  I could close my eyes, rest her head on my chest and just listen to hear read anything- poetry, prose… Hell, even the phone book.

Maybe I could get her to read my Calculus book; I’d have a  better chance of actually learning that foreign class of math that I may never understand?

You know you couldn’t be that close to her, listening to her voice without moving, no more than 5 minutes, Marine. You’re just built that way internally, you would have to reach out and touch that face, those lips, and….

People are leaving.

That can’t be the end of class already! I’m not finished with my thoughts yet or that daydream of her reading off my chest.

Everyone’s leaving, so it’s now or never.  Go apologize. Get it done and off your chest. If she doesn’t understand, at least you’ve tried your best.

“Excuse me, Professor, do you have a few minutes?”

Remember, the slower you talk, the more time she’s directly in front of you, the voices in my head suggest.  Geez.

“Ma’am, I’m really sorry for my behavior and coarse language at the end of class yesterday. I just wanted to explain that even if it looked like I wasn’t serious about your class or appeared disrespectful by my lateness, that was not my intention. I don’t expect my advanced age to give me a pass in any department or class, especially in the respect department. I made a career of being well prepared for any situation on the battlefield, because if I failed to prepare my troops or myself, someone died. No Marine wishes to be responsible for anyone’s death or injury.

“Yesterday, I really did have a flat; in fact. if you have time. I can show you the repaired tire I picked up from the garage on my way in to class, along with the receipt.”

Taking a breath realizing her eyes haven’t left mine, I continue a bit softer. I hope my hesitation doesn’t show. “Do you think it would be possible to start over so the rest of the semester will proceed a lot smoothly?  I would appreciate the opportunity to show you how serious I take your class and my education. How about it?”

Well the ball’s in her court now, let’s see how this plays out.

Start praying now, Marine!!!!!


Coming soon,  the conclusion, part 3


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