Puppet Show for big kids! Look, here on Avenue Q!!!

The Chicago Files

Photo 1

[all photos in this post courtesy of Mercury Theater Chicago, with huge thanks from The Chicago Files!]

[photo above: Gary Coleman, Nicky, Trekkie Monster, Lucy, Brian]

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to, “AVENUE Q”!!!

It is not often that one gets to experience the wonder and excitement of a live puppet show that is not designed for the kiddo, teen, tween (whatever that is!), and everyone in between! That, my dear readers, changed for me about a week ago!

Winner of three Tony awards in 2003 which included, “Best Musical”, “Avenue Q” spent six years on Broadway before it meandered its way onto stages literally around the globe. On April 23rd of this year, Mercury Theater Chicago opened its stage doors to people and puppets alike for its Chicago production of Avenue Q. The enduring laughter was so profound that the show has extended its…

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