Life From The Eyes Of A Kashmiri- The First Leg

A Shade Of Pen

life from the eyes of a kashmiri

As I had promised you in my prologue for life from the eyes of a
kashmiri, I would be interviewing a guy from kashmir who would bare
his tale, the mission has begun…welcome all to the first leg of LIFE

I had a little change of plans because I got a better prospect.
Somebody had told that the world is small and it truly is….because
just like that on my blog post..I found a potential
interviewee…before iIdivulge further details, a little background
for those who are unaware of the tryst of kashmir

During  the independence, Kashmir was one of the worst sufferers
because it got split between two nations..India and Pakistan…
I have not been to either lands and yet I am cent percent sure that
there is no difference between the Indian kashmir and the Pakistani
kashmir except for the fact…

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