Precious Life

so touching

Source of Inspiration

mother's love

How precious is life?
How precious life is.

I do not wish to live
so much that I close
my eyes to what is happening
nor will I sell my integrity
for one more day in a world
of darkness, greed and hate.

Yet if those of us who walk
in the light do not stand firm,
say “No More!” to the insanity
of destruction, then we hand
our beautiful world to those
of evil intent.

Each of us who holds the light
sends its luminosity out
pushing back the darkness
which can not exist where
there is light. When our
light combines with others,
it grows with rolling force.

Come brothers and sisters,
join hands, let our voices
be heard. Together with
the mighty force of Love, we
can stop this downward spiral
and create a world of peace,
compassion, and justice for all.

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