Wow Women || Her Story

A Shade Of Pen

I have stopped reading the daily newspapers. Do you know why? I cringe when I see the endless cases that pile the newspapers these days.

A girl of 14, gang raped.

Old woman, alone in house; looted and killed.

Girl sues boss for misconduct.

Seriously? Where is the happiness in seeing all this? Sure, people may say that I am choosing to be blind, but what does knowing about all these news do, if I can’t put my hands up and say, “hey I did my part; did you”?

This brings me to this wonderful compilation of stories called Her Story: Is Not Always A Story. I am seriously proud of being a part of this; not only because it is the first of four where I am being published this year but for two more reasons.

Firstly, I am sick and tired of finding women being harassed at their workplaces…

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