The Happy Diaries

Nothing wrong with needing a little stimulation or motivation to spur us on to feel better and go forward with our days.

A Shade Of Pen

I am mostly chirpy but there are days when I don’t feel alright. I need someone or something beside me to make me feel perky again. When I landed upon the prompt as to what are the five things/people /situations I want in my life to rev up the zest I am having, I was surprised at how easily the answers came to me. Looks like I might not be right where I want to be in my life, but I at least know where I belong.

Disclaimer: You have to leave aside your judging glasses because hey I am a teenager and we can have any wishes or demand. Okay, I kissed my teenage days goodbye like some six years back, but as long as the drama fits the script, who is going to pull me down.

Yeah, I am one of those sappy girls who believes that…

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