My Chocolate Love Affair

A Shade Of Pen

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

It was the umpteenth time the line came knocking to my mind with sheer force. At that time, if I knew the genius who had quoted it and if the genius was in front of me, I would strangulate him without as much feeling a little speck of guilt.

999964_10201925575602549_1068831745_n Yeah, this sums me up.

Cooking… The word looked tormenting, leave apart actually cooking thing. I still remember the day I had boiled water for the first time… It had felt like I had climbed mount Everest!!

I and cooking were born to stay apart, but don’t we say how life, fate and destiny is a bitch!!

Bloody bitch!!

10437435_10150534621124945_4033719396174028367_n I might stand still farther

Boyfriend is a connoisseur… He worships food. I murmured to myself… Why on earth are you even trying?

There may be a hundred reasons for this date…

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