ash and bone.

the sacred road

she waits broken and bleeding
heedless of her ragged knees
or acidic tears,
as she lingers along the precipice
for someone to hear.

the world spins around her
oblivious to her racking pain.
she no longer finds solace in the heavens
and aches to relieve the strains.

the waning sun before her
leaves a chill upon the skin.
she rises embracing the shadows
and the oblivion within.

toes curled around the rocky ledge,
she indulges in the wind upon her face –
ready to end her suffering
and the agony of this place.

an anxious trepidation
dances along her veins,
as the world erupts in silence
anxious of what the darkness brings.

her heart syncopates its rhythm
to the piercing cry of the pulsating earth.
suddenly very fearful
of what her pleas awakened once more to birth.

the wait for the end
is over,
for the time
of ash…

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