You’re Beautiful

Amen, Mothers all over the world are the same, regardless of dates celebrated

A Shade Of Pen

Before I begin, Happy Mother’s day.. I know it is celebrated on different days at different corners of the world, but regardless of which part of the world you are and when it is celebrated, a wish is always a wish. Even if you’re a guy, happy mother’s day because we all have been touched by a mum’s love at some point of time. Might not make much sense but then when have I ever made any?

I just feel life is going great.. I’ve stopped fussing about my tomorrow because regardless of whether my tomorrow is going to be black or red,. I should not be spoiling my red today because of it.

Sometimes, we do not need

The most expensive gifts

To feel pretty

Sometimes, it is the pretty texts

That can make you feel alive

Some days, I wake up with a smile

‘Coz love makes you…

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