Submission- Need or What You Read?

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I make no secret about my dislike for the Grey books. They are poorly written and repetitive. Tropey and unresearched. Ana makes me want to slap her and Christian needs a therapist not a flogger. But, this leads me to the true nature of my post.

I am a submissive. I was before those books and I am after those books. Some of you may have discovered something hidden deep in your psyche because of them. You think it’s submission. Most’s not. It’s the romanticism portrayed by the book and the flight of fancy that comes with the thought of a man wanting you that badly. It’s a fairytale.

Granted, I won’t deny that some women have discovered themselves through books. The Story of O, The Beauty Trilogy, Diary of a Submissive and other novels come to mind. What is different about them you say? Well, besides the grit…

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