Ginger Queen



Ginger Queen

An original “poem”(?originality isn’t questioned—-whether it meets any standards of poetry is a whole different story :<)))))), n written after the author had put away his pen many, many, many years ago to concentrate on Family and career. He made the right choices on priorities. Now he has more time on his hands and voices in his head that need any outlet.  Enjoy. Feel free to be completely honest, after all this was never his day job.))))))))))))))))))))) But after Jimmy Fallon beat him out for Jay Leno’s gig, what’s he got to lose????????????????????

RedRoseHOTTIE          Chris DeBurgh  Lady in Red

For all you Sexy Gingers out there, you have my adoration and respect. For any Man trying to keep up with one, you have my wish for perseverance, YOU’LL NEED IT. And lots of life insurance.

UPDATE on Standup Career:

Yesterday, He received a sympathy card from Jimmy Fallon, what a class act. It’s what he didn’t write that creates a question. Did Jimmy send the card because he heard about a medical condition or because he finally read a monologue that the author had submitted for Jimmy’s first Tonight Show appearance?       Guess we’ll never know, Jimmy’s wrapped up trying to figure out who is going to be the lucky salesman he’s going to buy his new truck from after contest is over.     (Not to worry, Update is just an attempt at a bit of humor, in case you need a giggle or laugh)      



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